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Dog sitting/walking

House cleaning and organizing

Lawn mowing/edging/weed pulling/dog poo picker upper

Basic car/lawn mower maintenance- Oil changes/cabin filters/air filters/spark plugs etc

Basic plumbing projects.  Install sinks, toilets, replacing pipes, unclogging drains.

Installing doorbells and smart home devices such as Alexa, google home, cameras etc

Installing robot mowers- Boundary wires (buried or above ground)

Installing ceiling fans and or hanging light fixtures.

Please inquire if what you need is not on this list.  

Cleaning Staff at Work

House cleaning and organizing

Man Mowing Lawn

Lawn maintenance and dog poop picker upper 

Walking Dogs

Dog sitting/walking/bathing

Home Improvement

Home improvement projects

An unkept lawn
A newly maintained lawn
An overgrown sidewalk
Edged clean sidwalk
Old Damaged Kitchen
Fully rennovated kitchen
Old kitchen
New Kitchen
Car with blue lights in wheels
Blue lights in side mirrors
Car from side with blue lights in wheels
Engine maintenance
Dash with blue lights in guages
Person working under a car
Old alternator sitting on top of engine
Old alternator
New alternator installed into engine of car
Woman replacing spark plugs in an engine
Close up of woman replacing spark plugs in an engine
Differential drive being changed
Stacked liquids and tools for maintaining cars
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